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Welcome to the BDSM fetish forum

Sexual fetish: types and features

Sex fetish is arousal from objects, shapes or body parts. Contemplation, touching or other manipulation of things causes maximum sexual desire. Fetish is the worship of things, admiration for them. Today it is common, but rarely has dangerous forms that require the intervention of specialists.

For many years, fetishism was considered a perversion. Dr. Freud's work argued that fetishism resulted from psychological trauma in childhood. But today the attitude has changed. The modern fashion industry, as well as the media, encourages the development of fetish in every possible way. Advertising “imposes” love for objects, and it really fills a person’s life.

What is fetishism, how did it arise?

Fetishes appeared in humans many millions of years ago. But only before they were more often called talismans. These were items that brought good luck. Obegs protected the home and the person, and individual objects gave confidence and the ability to escape from danger. Such things were protected, passed down and praised in legends.

Today, every person also has his own “talismans”. For example, it is difficult to do without a phone or keys. And they are also a fetish for contemporaries, but rarely sexual.

Sexual fetish is arousal from interaction with some things. Erotic experiences can be caused by the contemplation of beautiful underwear, shoes, and clothing made from certain materials. Manipulations with breasts and nipples, feet, and hair can also give joy.

A fetishist can be called any person who looks at beautiful body shapes, admires clothes or other objects that may be owned. But it is precisely the sexual desire for things that turns a person into a fetishist. When form is more important than content, when objects are more interesting than people, then it really is a fetish.

Can this be called a deviation? No. It is worth treating this only when passion interferes with living a normal life or pushes you to actions prohibited by law. For example, sexual desire for a dead body is necrophilia. This is a type of fetish that can make a person do strange things. In this case, you should consult a doctor.

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Fetish objects can be a variety of objects. And a fetish for situations is also common. It is moments of shame, fear, anger that cause arousal. And then a person strives to find himself in such circumstances as often as possible.

A fetish includes not only an object, but also certain manipulations with it. For example, things can be smelled, licked, taken to bed, kissed, collected, or masturbated on. There are 4 categories of things that are most often interesting to fetishists:

Clothes and shoes. The most common fetish in the modern world. People are excited by role-playing costumes, beautiful lingerie, stockings, high heels, and erotic overalls. Not only wardrobe items, but also certain fabrics can evoke passion. Latex, vinyl, lace, velvet are also very attractive to fetishists. Any part of the wardrobe can become part of another person's fetish, there are thousands of options.

Body parts. Foot fetish is the most common type of fetish. This is love for feet. But breasts, lips, thighs, and stomach can also excite. Passion for very plump women and men, for the absence of limbs, for limited movements. Sometimes you are interested in something specific, for example, the shape of the hairstyle and hair color, the shape of the eyes, the shape of the nails. And sometimes the figure as a whole is attractive. Often, with this form of fetishism, the person himself is not important, but only a part of him is of interest. This can interfere with building harmonious relationships.

Social situations. During periods of some experiences, sexual desire may arise. Condemnation, punishment, ridicule sometimes lead to sexual release. Feelings and situations are also a form of fetish. Stiffness and helplessness are very desirable for many, and this, too, is a desire not related to a person, but specifically to circumstances. The desire to repeat certain experiences for the sake of arousal is a fetish.

Objects of living nature. Trees can also be stimulating. And also animals, birds and insects. Watching them, playing with them, and experimenting sexually with these objects can be desirable and exciting. A type of such fetish is bestiality. In BDSM games, the fetish is often implemented in the form of pet plays.

What is a fetish and how does a fetishist feel?

The delight of owning a fetish is familiar to many. For example, looking at a girl in high-heeled stockings can arouse sexual desire. Beautiful breasts or a firm butt evoke similar feelings. You want to possess such objects, and it is the sexual meaning that is implied. And if the content is not too important, then it is definitely a fetish.

A difficult situation is when a person cannot get sexual release without his fetish. For example, if you cannot find an object, it is not nearby, then excitement does not arise. If the subject of the fetish is underwear, then the problem is easy to solve, but if the fetish is rare, then this leads to psychological disorders.

Sexual fetish does not always lead to orgasm. It exactly evokes desire, but does not guarantee completion of the process with the peak of sensations. For example, many women are aroused by a man’s beautiful abs, the presence of hair on a man’s body, slight unshavenness, etc. But even if the beloved man has one of the fetishes, this delights the lady, but does not guarantee her an orgasm when intimate with such a partner.

It is believed that fetishes are more common in men than in women. Statistically, this is true. But ladies also react to certain things, although this is not always very pronounced.

Ways to manifest fetish

Most fetishists don't tell many people about their desires. It is not customary in society to openly discuss sexual preferences, so all experiments remain behind closed doors. But the degree of fetishism varies.

Moderate fetishism. Things or forms really excite, but sex is possible without them. Fetish objects are only an addition to full sexual contact, add experiences, and increase the intensity of emotions. At the same time, the fetish is not imposed on loved ones, is not put on display, and does not interfere with anyone’s life in peace.

Obsessive fetishism. A person is addicted to a fetish. Without it, he cannot experience sexual pleasure. He prefers playing with objects to contact with people. Often shows off his fetish to people, even if it scares them.

Obsessive fetishism can also be unpleasant for the person who is subject to it. In this case, it can be removed. Modern psychiatry offers effective methods to change the situation.

Anti-fetishism - what is it?

The opposite feeling to fetishism is anti-fetishism. This is a situation when a thing, body shape, situation causes disgust. Sexual attraction to such an object is impossible, and even the memory of it causes rejection.

Anti-fetishism can sometimes be confused with pickiness. For example, if a person does not accept sex with a full partner, if he is repulsed by his body, this is not always anti-fetishism. This is simply a point of view or conclusion from personal experience. If this feeling doesn't interfere with your life, it's just a personal preference.

Foot fetish

Attraction to feet is a foot fetish. This is a very broad area. Some people are excited by their toes, their movement, their bend. Others admire high heels or platforms, boots, unusual shoes. There are people who get excited by socks, knee socks, stockings.

Often a fetish is the smell of feet. It is sweat that can cause desire. You can also perform a variety of manipulations with your legs. For example, tickle, stroke, massage. And in BDSM there is the practice of bastinado - this is spanking on the feet. Rods, special bamboo sticks and whips are used for it.

A foot fetishist is a person who likes to do something with the feet of others or someone who likes to have something happen to his own feet. To some extent, a girl who buys herself beautiful shoes can also be considered a fetishist.

Latex fetish

Latex is a special material that is called the “second skin”. They put it on the body with lubricant, as it should ideally fit every curve of the body. To make the surface of the suit shine, it is coated on top with a special compound and rubbed to the desired condition.

Latex clothing often becomes a fetish item. She looks great on any figure. In it, a person feels constrained, limited, but at the same time very attractive. The fabric causes profuse sweating. Special clothing is made from latex; it is expensive and has special storage requirements.

Medical fetish

Doctor and nurse games are an opportunity to realize many fantasies. Both white coats and medical devices often arouse sexual desires in people. Fetish objects include images of medical staff, medical needles and syringes, chairs, enemas and other details.

Medical fetish is an opportunity to perform hundreds of interesting manipulations. Various dilators, viewing glasses, catheters make it possible to play out the scenario in a new way each time.

Lingerie fetishism

People can be aroused by another person's underwear. The smell of worn things and their appearance are objects of fetish. Today you can even buy used panties to satisfy this interest. People are turned on by pads, diapers, and underwear of the opposite sex. Sometimes men like to wear women's clothes or vice versa.

The objects of lingerie fetishism are also photos of people in underwear and photos of underwear. Images provide fewer experiences, but they can also be collected. Another fetish item is underwear, which does not need to be removed during sex. Panties with slits, overalls, shirts and short skirts, stockings are the favorite items of fetishists.

Fetish of marks on the body

Marks on the skin can be left in different ways. For example, traces from ropes are beautiful and very bright. But they quickly disappear. Marks from handcuffs can last a long time if pressed hard. You can also leave bruises, cuts, scratches and punctures on your body. Fetish for marks is a common occurrence in the BDSM community.

Tattoos, piercings, permanent makeup are also possible objects of arousal. Beautiful drawings on the skin, scarring, punctures There is no less sexual interest than underwear and beautiful clothes.

Fetish uniform

There are people who get excited when they see a uniform. Police officers, firefighters, and military personnel can delight them. And the uniform can fit perfectly on both women and men. Overalls are a common play option in role-playing games. Special costumes can always be purchased to make your fantasies come true.

Fetishists love to put on the uniform themselves or get aroused when others do it. Only one image, one costume can arouse interest, or they can be completely different. Even a clown is also a uniform, although not a standard one.

The subject of a fetish in the modern world can be any thing. Cars, smartphones, and computers can be arousing. Fetishism is not a disease, it is a hobby that causes sexual desire. And although many consider it a perversion, this is not true. It is worth treating it only when desires interfere with the life of a person and the people around him, and this rarely happens.

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